shortlisted, adj. qualified for a position but not selected from a list that creates the appearance of diversity but preserves the status quo

Welcome to the Shortlisted Project

The Shortlisted Project examines the consequences when women and minority candidates for positions of leadership and power are shortlisted - i.e., deemed qualified among an elite group but ultimately not selected. It is the brainchild of award-winning scholars Renee Newman Knake and Hannah Brenner.

Their work on gender and diversity in positions of leadership and power has been featured in a range of media such as Bloomberg, BuzzFeed News, the Christian Science Monitor, CNN, CNN Money, the Detroit Free Press, Huffington Post, the Houston Chronicle, the National Law Journal, Slate and the Wall Street Journal.

New York University Press will soon publish their book Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court. Read more about it here.